About Us

Brand&Culture is the news, leadership, and careers platform at the intersection of marketing and culture.

Formerly known as Marcom Weekly, Brand&Culture offers news, insights, and resources to inform and empower marketing, advertising, and media leaders who engage in the business of culture.

By connecting these key players to relevant stories, ideas, events, and opportunities, we believe we can help push society forward in powerful ways.

Our Audience: A Community of Pioneers and Visionaries

At Brand&Culture, our audience consists of driven and passionate professionals who are emerging as industry leaders in the marketing, advertising, and media sectors. They come from diverse backgrounds, valuing both traditional and non-traditional education, and share a love for exploration and innovation.

These progressive thinkers are dedicated to building and investing in themselves and their crafts, eager to create a lasting impact on the culture. As social-first consumers, they stay informed and connected, accessing content from multiple sources, often while on the move.

Our community thrives on collaboration and the exchange of ideas, making Brand&Culture the ideal platform for those looking to push boundaries and shape the future of their industries. We welcome all adventurers who believe in the power of marketing and culture to drive change and create a more inclusive, imaginative world empowered by authenticity.

A special thank you to our founding members including Sanjida A.; Vinay G.; Rina R.; and Marissa H.

Brand&Culture is a division of The Marcom Media Company, a B2B communications leader in the marketing communications and media industries., and is a member of the Black Owned Media Equity and Sustainability Institute, better known as BOMESI.